​You don’t need “Straight Pride” or “Heterosexual Pride” day, month week, or any time that I can think of. 
No one has been discriminated against because they were straight. 

No one has had their experiences and identity erased for being straight. 

No one has been the target of a massacre for being straight. 

Weddings, marriages, cakes—godsdamned cakes, pastry!—aren’t systematically denied to you for being straight. 

Straight people are not arbitrarily told they’re going to hell for existing

They are not sent to “pray away the straight” reprogramming torture camps. 

They are not disowned for being straight. 

Straight people are allowed to exist unbothered unnoticed, unharassed, unjudged—and people want a celebration for this unearned privilege


You do not get a present for living on the default setting

Have several seats. Listen. Learn. 

Learn and listen to your LGBTQIA friends and learn why we need ours, and why trying to take away from it is beyond shameful.

We celebrate who are gone. We celebrate who paved our way. We celebrate who lived to make inroads. 

That is why we are Proud. 

A Few Thoughts: Photography

I love filters. I love stickers. I love frames. I will never bs you a #nofilter—I’m more like to give you the EXACT FORMULA for the filter I used.

I see these things as a pocket sized but no less complex version of darkroom processing… Though with fewer chances of getting a catastrophic burn. (A vented battery has happened.) Part art, part science, part aesthetic. And then you get to the glamour portions, and all heaven breaks loose.

As a kid I hated what I looked like in a mirror. But I looked at me in a photo and I looked good. I always wanted to do glamour shots at Glamour Shots in the mall, before whatever happened to them happened. Now I can do it myself, with this little computer in my hands.

And anyone who has something to say about it has clearly either a) never tried it or b) needs a life.