A Few Thoughts: Photography

I love filters. I love stickers. I love frames. I will never bs you a #nofilter—I’m more like to give you the EXACT FORMULA for the filter I used.

I see these things as a pocket sized but no less complex version of darkroom processing… Though with fewer chances of getting a catastrophic burn. (A vented battery has happened.) Part art, part science, part aesthetic. And then you get to the glamour portions, and all heaven breaks loose.

As a kid I hated what I looked like in a mirror. But I looked at me in a photo and I looked good. I always wanted to do glamour shots at Glamour Shots in the mall, before whatever happened to them happened. Now I can do it myself, with this little computer in my hands.

And anyone who has something to say about it has clearly either a) never tried it or b) needs a life.


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