Ok, I finally get it: Bass

What about that bass

As recently as a few years ago, I didn’t get it: pounding a car system with enough woofers and subwoofers to get what I can only describe as “rattle bass” —enough bass to make the car rattle and buzz. “Doesn’t that just overpower and blunt the music?” Indeed in these cars, you’ll almost always only hear the bass well.


A few years ago is also when I got my headphones—a pair of Skullcandy Crushers. The decision was made after testing a ton of different brands, and this one blew it away.

Of course, the first time I used the bass booster, I was thrown for a loop: it’s rattle bass, but in my head…

And it sounded good.

I tested a few tracks on it, and during this test, I started to understand the bass obsession: it makes the beat reach the bones. And that feels REALLY good. It led to me trying EVERYTHING with extra bass. Songs boosted gained extra impact as the beat of my pulse matched the bass. It’s almost primal, really.

I finally got it.

I mean it only took 15 years but now I get it.