The Bornless Muse

It started with a simple assignment in class, which grew to a little project.  Then a gift of a notebook with archival paper, and a pen that cost more than a year’s allowance.  Such was the beginning of my passion for writing.

I’m Railenthe Y. Zeal.  The writing bug got me at twelve, and ever since then there’s been a steadily growing pile of notebooks piling up in various corners of every house I’ve lived in—and, most recently, a corner of the hard drive; and within the cloudy space of Dropbox, a growing number of completed drafts.

Of course, speedbumps abound…

This space will be home to writing.  Writing, thoughts on writing, the process of writing, and original work.  Research on writing, too, will land here.  Sometimes, I’ll write about writing.  Everything will be made of words, except when it isn’t.

I’m a wordy sort of person.  I can’t draw, so I paint pictures with my nouns, verbs, and participles.

2 thoughts on “The Bornless Muse

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Can’t believe I haven’t read this before. Railenthe, you’ve got a great site!

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