I’m exhausted. I had one of those long shifts today—though not a murder!shift, when I run laundry AND housekeeping on the same day. However, it ran me down about the same level as one of those would have. I have the interesting problem of being the only one who can consistently handle the heat in the laundry room now, and the problem is compounded by the fact that it’s gotten to the point where it’s too hot for me, even—I can’t drink water fast enough to keep up with the heat, and that heat is considerable.

We’re talkin’ 100°F plus in that laundry room. It gets toasty.

In an effort to keep from going NUTS back there from hunger, I’ve had to make sure that I bring my own lunch.

(I replaced my flatiron the other day…as a result I have 11¢ to my name. But I no longer look like a crazy bag lady.)

Right now I’m in the middle of cooking. I had to take a mid-day nap to get ready for cooking, and so that meant an 8pm ESPRESSO SHOT.

And I didn’t replace my Toddy filters. This is pretty much unfiltered coffee glory.

If I weren’t so wiped out, I’d be wired. XD


I’m planning on bringing a plate of “spanimac” and a few pieces of attempted sushi. For those unfamiliar with this culinary kludge, spanimac is Spanish rice and sausage—except instead of rice, it’s deluxe pasta and cheese seasoned with the proper seasonings and meats. Spanish macaroni—or, as seen earlier, spanimac. It’s pretty delicious.


Rice is steaming on the microwave top, and I have a can of tuna in the fridge along with some chopped onions (I don’t have any scallions, but these are sweet Vidalia onions, so it works).

The recipe I wanted to use, from Personal Trainer: Cooking on the Nintendo DS, was out of access, however—I might’ve accidentally left my game case over a friend’s house, and so I don’t have it handy. However, I grabbed my Nook Tablet and found this recipe, close enough to the PT:C recipe that I felt comfortable attempting it. Let the culinary adventure begin!


Let’s have some fun with this!


Let’s play pretend for a while. Say I’m a Tales of Series character, and I’m just learning the Sushi recipe.

In the spirit of this exercise, let’s make a fake profile card for the recipe.


I’m thinking of using this little mockup every time I try a difficult recipe. I’ve never done anything quite like making sushi, and the rolling, the slicing, everything—I’ve not got a frame of reference for this sort of thing, and so I was doing this blind. The first roll looked something like a log rolled up with paste and newspaper sticking out at the end.

The second? Passable.

The third? Well, it actually looked good.


…It’s 11:53 pm. The lighting in the apartment means that NOTHING is showing up when I try to take a picture. So, no photos just yet. (I promise I’ll make a batch during daylight hours.)


I’m having trouble with the slicing, though. The first roll, I tried to slice using my chef knife—and it was terrible, even though the knife had been freshly sharpened. As it turned out, the cutting board I’d bought two days ago came in handy: it came with a santoku knife, perfect for slashing through sushi rolls. I used that for the second and third rolls, and this time I wound up with nicely sliced (if unevenly-sized) cuts. As for the extra-nori ends that I cut off to even out the rolls—I ate them for supper. Sweet mercy, I’d forgotten how good sushi is when it’s fresh…


Lunch tomorrow is going to be awesome.