I’ve fallen behind on updates. So tomorrow I’m putting up two vids–a little short–as an update. I’m also breaking out my first ocarina, a Songbird six-hole sweet potato. I might try teaching myself how to play again. I haven’t played since I lost my big one. It was just too hard.

But when I broke that one, other things, connected to the rough crap of last year, started breaking as well. But for the better. Now I might even be able to get out of this trigger cube.

Time to get on with it.

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LTTP LP: New Vid's up!

This week’s video is kind of short, I realize. I also missed it on Friday because…


OK, I honestly don’t remember Friday right now. I remember there was a nice little PTS-freezeup. But when the day ended I was DEAD TO RIGHTS. There could have been an earthquake—well, ANOTHER earthquake—and I’d’ve slept through it much like the last one.


Hey, maybe if I move to California, I’ll get more sleep. xD


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What happens when classic retro games meet snark?

Something like this.


Over the month of March, inbetween cracking back down and getting into a writing schedule again (being off my meds is a trip and a half), I’ll be crosstraining my creative mind by recording a playthrough of a classic favorite game of mine. Updates will be weekly.

A Note: I’m cutting a wisdom tooth right now, and beyond eating, I don’t plan on using my mouth for anything else, and that includes narration—lest I chomp a hole in my cheek with this new sharp pointy thing sticking out of my jaw. So the snark is purely captions for this game

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