Watch: Insomnia, and The Possibly Maybe Hot Computer

Ever wanna hear one of my stories like you were there?

Stick with the ramble and you’ll get to hear the Possibly Maybe Hot Computer story. It’s wild.

Flat Broke.

You gotta love the Danger Zone.

Yesterday, I did The Books. (OK, so there are no literal books, but the thing was done.)

The end result was…bad.

I do not have nearly enough money to cover all of the bills—and this includes an extremely late rent.

To survive the month, I need a minimum of $450 by the end of the month.

Yeah, it’s bad.

The job search isn’t going well for extra income and the current job’s hours aren’t improving. Basically, I need all the help I can get. If you can help, it’s appreciated. If you can’t, consider passing it along.

I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Money terror.


That’s how much money I need, fast.

The factory has us working two days a week and I have the phone, light, and internet bills due. The most urgent of these is the light bill: the heat is alarming and besides, if it goes off, they WILL evict.

If I’m lucky, the Housing Authority will reduce my rent on Friday. I will have to live with the blistering allergic reaction to the bugs, the aching rash covering my right arm, hand, and foot.… that could actually get scarier. More on it later, when my stomach isn’t nervously flipping inside out.

The entire situation is fucked.

If you can help? Or know someone who can? Send here:

(as usual, disregard the deadname…)

I’m going to attempt to sleep. It’s second day of the work week…

I can’t hear a damn thing out of my right ear. It’s like my entire head is a set of headphones with one side out.

I fucking hate when that happens. It makes me dizzy.

Now imagine if that’s YOUR HEAD.

In the morning I’m going to the clinic if this hasn’t cleared up. I need my ears.