How's NaNo Going, you ask?

Well, it’s going well for me. Lowell, on the other hand, is NOT amused:



Lowell’s pace was significantly slower than that of his brother. Whenever he had the chance to be outside on his own for any extended period of time, Lowell took his time. He would walk at the slowest pace that he could stand, and he would take the time to look at everything that he could see. The half-beast took nothing in his small sphere for granted, since he never knew when he would have the chance to be on his own again.

It really is a nice day out today, he thought as he walked. He took a deep breath: though there was the always-present oily haze to the air that marked the place as a city, he could still smell the ground underneath his feet, the plants in the carefully preserved nature trail, the faint but sweet fragrance of some wild plant blooming in the distance.

For this reason, Lowell was torn—he didn’t know whether to love autumn, or to hate it. The air was always so crisp during that season—fresher, cleaner…but it was also when things began to wind down, to end, to fade away.

Like nature’s flipping me the finger, thought Lowell bitterly. He’d barely had the chance to really enjoy the season before it started to fade out, and—

When the warning came, it was a combination of a change in the pressure and an actual sound, felt deep inside the middle of his ear. Lowell jumped out of the way just in time to avoid a long, notched dart’s sharp point shearing through his foot. Instead, the thing landed harmlessly in the dirt of the path, skittering as it bounced off the ground. Almost before he knew he was doing it, Lowell’s head whipped around, his eyes coming to rest in a patch of greenery off to the side of the trail.

Oh, shit.


Keep in mind that this is a zero draft! …but also if you want to tell me what you think so far, feel free to. Sometimes, us inkslinging types need a little scritch behind the ears, just like our kittens do.

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Preparations, Day 2.

(Once again, I’m awake at the back end of morning to yak.)

As I wait for the chicken I’ve just fried to cool off enough to place in a tupperware container, I look over the list of things that I want to do for my 100 Things blogging challenge.  So far, that list of notes is 60 items strong—40 of those things added to the list just yesterday, when I should have been getting ready for bed. The list of things, amazingly, seems to be workable in groups of ten. I hadn’t even realized just how many things there are that I like.

(Not that that’d be obvious on a site like, say-oh, Facebook, where I find things I’m into and go on a clicking spree.)

So far, I’ve got things like

  • Favorite Composer,
  • Favorite Activities,
  • Favorite Music Album, and even
  • Favorute Intangible Events.

What? I’m a geek.

My bus shows up in about half an hour.  Loads of time in a tiny cramped laundry room. The place is so backed up today that the upcoming paycheck is actually going to be bigger of some of the ones I’ve gotten so far this year that have TWO week’s worth of work on them. And I know what that money’s going to do: go into the bank where I will NOT touch it except in the case of ordering spare parts for things and grow slowly so that I can purchase the phone I will be using in the Republic Wireless beta. For once, I have a plan.  …sort of. I’m not sure that “PAY BILLS AND SPEND LITTLE TO NOTHING” counts as an actual plan. It really seems like more of an angry shout.

…Once I actually begin this challenge, things are going to get a bit raw.  I’m going to cut myself open and hold my own soul over all of this, and why it’s played a part in basically saving me. I’m probably not going to sound particularly classy, but this is not about class. It is about passion—the kind of thing that helps you keep going, even when things are deadset against you. Of course, this isn’t to say that there won’t be laughs to be had at this thing—my fannish geekiness about some things is worthy of a chuckle (OH EM GOODNESS THIS PURSE HAS A HIDDEN COMPARTMENT =D). And I’m willing to bet that you’ve never met someone who’s actually squeed at a vanilla orchid.

Everything is fair game.  All of me will be on display during this challenge. From my list itself to what goes on in my head, you’ll see a side of me that few do.

Sound good? OK. Great! …’cuz right about now, I REALLY need to be packing up for work. I’ll work on my list as I make the transit for work.

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Coming Soon: Opinionated Lists!

Then again when am I not, amirite?! HIGH FIVE~!


Okay, fine.

You see, the point of this alert is that I’m going to start having a bit of fun with things that have been bouncing around in my head—and with the things that have been bouncing around in my camera, as well.

A few things have been bugging me—namely because they keep coming up. Points like:

  • E-books are better than print books/print books are better than e-books

And who can forget this little gem?

  • You’re not really reading if it hasn’t got pages!

And here’s a favorite of mine:

  • You’ll never make it if you write ____ !

So much nonsense! So many shenanigans! And I’m going to attack all of them one by one, eventually! In fact, I had the first one written before my client crashed. I have to start it over. I’d best get to work.  If you’ve got an idea for something I could attempt to tackle, feel free to ask about it in the comments: if I know enough about it to either BS it or have an actual answer, I’ll tackle it.