Returning from Hiatus: and a comment on current events (#Ferguson)

No off  days until next week.

Tore a muscle in my arm.

Typing hurts because I overloaded it at work and until I get my day off it’s gonna be overloaded.


When I get a chance to breathe, I’m putting myself back on a schedule of updates. …the fact that I have developed a mild (HAH) Civ V habit also hasn’t helped things, but I think I’ve got a handle on that now.


I do not live in Ferguson. I live near enough that the events are concerning.

With the events in Ferguson, MO–a suburb of St. Louis, a mere stone’s throw from the city I live in, racial tension is at the whistle point. The kettle will either pop or have to be removed, and I’m suspecting a pop rather than a timely removal. Without going into the gory details (they’re all over at this point, to the point where the beleaguered souls in Palestine are giving us here in the US tips on surviving teargas and counter-riot brutality), things are at the point where even though I don’t live in Ferguson itself, the area is still tense. Solidarity protests have taken place in my city, a city known for its racially tense history (we are not far removed from race riots), and when I heard about them I was concerned that things would turn ugly. Later in the day I heard about a threat on the post office and federal building–potentially unrelated, but there was nothing in the paper or online to confirm or remove my suspicion.

Just yesterday, during my shift at work, there were a number of persons who will not be identified lamenting the destruction of the QuikTrip store involved in the whole affair. It made me sick. Had I been in charge of the property, they would have been thrown out–not escorted, not directed, not told, THROWN OUT. To hear someone with more concern for property than life–no. Fuck you.

I do not believe that it will get quieter soon. Not with the press release that just went out. The timing was terrible, the tone was worse. Anonymous is already involved, and we know how they work. (While their intentions have been not-shitty their methods have been…ech.)

My input stops here–not for lack of things to say, but because of injury.

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