LTTP LP: New Vid's up!

This week’s video is kind of short, I realize. I also missed it on Friday because…


OK, I honestly don’t remember Friday right now. I remember there was a nice little PTS-freezeup. But when the day ended I was DEAD TO RIGHTS. There could have been an earthquake—well, ANOTHER earthquake—and I’d’ve slept through it much like the last one.


Hey, maybe if I move to California, I’ll get more sleep. xD


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What happens when classic retro games meet snark?

Something like this.


Over the month of March, inbetween cracking back down and getting into a writing schedule again (being off my meds is a trip and a half), I’ll be crosstraining my creative mind by recording a playthrough of a classic favorite game of mine. Updates will be weekly.

A Note: I’m cutting a wisdom tooth right now, and beyond eating, I don’t plan on using my mouth for anything else, and that includes narration—lest I chomp a hole in my cheek with this new sharp pointy thing sticking out of my jaw. So the snark is purely captions for this game

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100 Things #7: The satisfying feeling from a good show’s ending

I’m gonna offer a fair warning, don’t be surprised if this turns into a writing-related rant. It’s VERY important to me.

So you’ve just seen the last episode of your favorite show. On the one hand you’re disappointed that the thing is over, but on the other hand you’re happy at the way that it ended—there was no other way things could have gone and things just worked out so effectively.

Note that I do not use the word “well.” A lot of good finales end BADLY for the characters involved in the series. First thing that comes to mind is how Angel ended. Basically they wind up walking into the FREAKING APOCALYPSE in action, and that’s the last thing we know—but it doesn’t feel like it could have ended any differently to me.

A good ending, be it to a play, a novel, a tv program, or something else that I haven’t remembered to mention here, feels like there couldn’t have been any other way it could have ended, like this is how things were supposed to wind up ending and nothing else makes sense. A good ending feels…right, somehow. It doesn’t feel pat—things get tied up a bit too neatly to really feel authentic—or contrived—WTF, Lost-according-to-all-the-people-I-know-who-actually-stuck-through-the-whole-thing. It ends things the way they should end, with a satisfying conclusion to all the threads that were tangled and hanging (Once again, WTF, Lost etc.?)

It’s important not to cheat the audience with the ending. You don’t have to pull an “and they totally all lived happily ever after and junk” where it won’t fit, and usually? It WON’T fit. It’s more important that the ending (I’m beginning to hate that word) be a properly fitting conclusion.

My favorite good ending of a TV show? …this may be a surprise to some, but I liked what they did with the anime Yu-Gi-Oh. Now granted, I saw the dub, which means that there’s almost certainly a few details I’m missing (that pilot ep…let’s just say no wonder they didn’t start with Season Zero, as it is called) but it ended…well, the ending was bittersweet, but it was proper.

Anybody else got favorite endings? Or want to rant about the ones that got it horribly, horrendously, CATASTROPHICALLY wrong? =D

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Chocolate? Bacon? Yes!

I might have a small problem to deal with. Things stress me out, I buy stuff. Usually something frivolous that, upon returning home, I wonder why the hell I bought it in the first place, as I look at my receipt and my now-smaller bank account.

Today was not one of those situations.

It is ALSO true that, when I have advance warning that things are going to get really tight, I hoard supplies. Soaps (eight bars in a bag under my chair, ready to grab one when the current bar is reduced to a sliver); dry goods and canned goods (you can’t have too much rice or flour handy); ghee (because a little goes a long way and I can eat a LOT of butter); and frozen fruit (because I like smoothies and baking things with it). Currently I have an absurd amount of frozen fruit and dry cereals: two boxes and one bag of cold; Cream of Wheat, FIVE POUNDS of oatmeal.

Which is why I now am going to have to pull a clever fiat where it comes to my money now: I don’t have QUITE enough to pay off every one of the bills that came up, but I can do a fiat on that—it’s due a week before payday. I can pay for THAT ONE WEEK and still have enough money left over that when I need to replace my medications again, I can pull it off without much difficulty.

Today wasn’t all about getting things done. It was also for this.



For proof I made sure to center this on my bed. Bacon chocolate bars are a thing. And delicious.

There’s also beef jerky chocolate. And pepper chocolate with Pop Rocks.

Lavender chocolate.

Rose chocolate.

Basically, if it is chocolate, there’s a strong chance that someone will attempt something unorthodox.

Next payday? Lavender.

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