100 Things #15: The Park

I don’t get out as much as I used to. Part of it is because of this blasted junk knee; the other part of it is because I have COMPLETELY lost my heat tolerance. Right about now is the perfect time of year for me to try and hit a favorite park, but RIGHT NOW right now is a bad time to be out there.

See, the place is kinda sorta a HUGE MUDHOLE right now due to the sudden opening of the skies and such. And my shoes are canvas.

On days when I can get to the park I usually don’t do much of anything. I sit around and enjoy the atmosphere and the absence of modern technology. Sometimes, I hit the playground equipment for a playground-circuit workout (Flip a swing over the bar a few times and then use the swing for upside-down curls, or make use of the slide for plank-to-incline pushups!)

…ok, I admit it. Sometimes I just get on the swings for the fun of it.

I also sometimes use the time to people-watch.

And when I replace my ocarina, I’ll be practicing there again. 🙂

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100 Things #6: That first flower at season’s change.

Photo taken outside of a Wal-Mart using Instagram.




There is a reason that this first category is called “Intangibles.”

While flowers are in fact, tangible, I don’t like picking them without reason. I feel a bit guilty about ending the life of a flower just because I want to look at it for a little while longer on account of being pretty; this is why I didn’t mind (too much) when I stopped getting flowers as a pre-date gift. I like to grow them, however, and I like to watch them grow. This is why that first bunch of flowers I see peeking out of the ground at the turn of the season brings me such joy.

Take, for instance, these lovelies.

They’re quite obviously not originally wildflowers. They were planted in a planter (enter the Department of Redundancy Dept.!) outside of a Wal-Mart, but last year we had some ri-fucking-DICULOUSLY bad weather, and soon, things were blown every which way. These found new life near the McDonald’s across the parking lot, overtaking the weeds. When you looked more closely, you could see that the landscaping had been done to capitalize on the hardy-but-beautiful blooms.

Oh–and these were blooming when the average high temperature was about 40°F out. So they’re tough little cookies.

If they can handle being that far out of their element, I sure as hell can survive…

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