Can’t sleep? Process pics of flowers…


«When is it a weed?» 2

Insomnia. It’s hard to shake. Since I couldn’t seem to wind my mind down, I decided to go and take the tools to a few pictures I took.

I’m not sure what the little fellow here is. This flower was growing in the grass in the curb. Its flower there is only about the size of a popcorn kernel. I thought it was pretty so I took a shot.

Washed out on the way to the work shift.


They always happen after I’ve been left or ditched—the nightmares, that is—and getting back to sleep is a trial because I tend to fall back into them.

This time it was a combination of the ditch and the almost aggressive way I’m misgendered at work. No matter what I do it’s in one ear and out the other.

These things always leave me dizzy and exhausted. I’m not sure my “breakfast”—a double espresso used to shoot my meds—will do much against it.

And now I get to pull a mad long shift…