Letting old male fogies control my body: why it's bullshit.

I occasionally jump in on things that my friends on Facebook have weighed in on. Today, a person was lamenting that their now ex-girlfriend has apparently gone on birth control (referred to hereafter as BC) when she apparently wasn’t before. The original poster seemed to be, to put it bluntly, rather butthurt about the whole deal: he bought into the conservative fallacy of being on BC = promiscuity.

In all likelihood, the odds are she was on it in the first place, so I took a devil’s advocate position on the whole thing, explaining that hormonal contraception is used not only for contraception, but also a form of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for reproductive issues.

I for one went on birth control around the time right after seeing my now on-again first boyfriend: mostly because it would give me relief from the migraines. (What they don’t tell you about it? YOU GET MOAR BEWBS.) The fact that it gave me free license to jump his bones (didn’t happen, I kept getting cockblocked) was a bonus.

The point is, there’s more than one reason to go on BC. And that decision should be up to the woman in question. NOT a bunch of white-haired old men who think that the body has ways to shut down unwanted pregnancies as in the case of incest and [trigger word redacted]. The fact is, most of the government trying to regulate what we do to our bodies are men—who therefore have a barely-working knowledge of how making babies work in the first place—Todd Akin, anybody?—and don’t seem to bother with science at all. Look at the conservatives’ positions on the subject, and you see a lot of DIVINE VIRTUE and GOD’S WILL and ABOMINATION AGAINST NATURE and AGAINST THE HOLY WORD!

You don’t see…what’s it called—oh, right. SCIENCE. You don’t see the medical experts’ views. You don’t see doctors. You don’t see internists. YOU DON’T SEE WOMEN. Or at least, you don’t see women when you’re not looking inside of Mitt Romney’s infamous binders. Pretty much, the one segment of the population that has anything to do with this whole thing is being silenced. The right to do to our bodies what we want to do, even in cases of improvement of our own health, we’re stuck under the thumb of conservative pols and the damn Church.

And I’m not comfortable with a bunch of old men who won’t let girls join their club trying to tell me what to do with my own huevos internales at every chance they get.

An ancient institution should not be taking the place of a trained medical professional. Church, I don’t turn around and tell you how to massage your prostates. Don’t tell me how to make my ovaries behave, and DON’T go around sticking lighted wands all up in the Promised Land just because you think that a cluster of cells that has not yet even developed a rudimentary nervous system should have sole control over what I do.

That isn’t pro-life. That’s pro-birth. After the birth, where are these people? “Oh, we’re not going to provide assistance to you, you should have known better than to get pregnant in the first place. Oh, and spermicides and condoms and stuff like that is also the devil so no you can’t have it unless you want to go to hell and you don’t want that now do you, silly woman?”

We’re not baby machines. Stop treating us like baby machines. Get out of our laws. For fuck’s sake, start treating women like PEOPLE, you old dustbags. Until then, I’ll just travel about until I can get the medical help I need for my hormonal issue.

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A Rant: Can’t Eat a Protest.

Recently the bill that improves the nutrition, and limits the calories of, school lunches, was put into effect. As a result, the maximum caloric load for the public school lunch is about 800 calories, maximum. The intent is to combat obesity by balancing their dietary intakes.

Students were not amused by this. The largest complaint is that they’re still hungry after eating their plates. What do they do in reaction?


They throw away the food in protest and  make a video on Youtube that dramatizes just how hungry they are.


You’ll excuse me if I don’t have much sympathy.


You see, there is no way that this will do much of anything. It’s a completely counterintuitive thing to do—WE’RE HUNGRY, AND SO WE ARE GOING TO REFUSE THE FOOD WE’RE GIVEN. Way to make your point, kids. Show us your passive protesting and let us revel in the wisdom of NOT EATING the food you’re allotted. Because NOT eating will help your hunger.

Again, I really don’t have much sympathy. If you’re so hungry, then eat the food. Don’t complain about it being ‘not enough food’ and then throw it all in the garbage. Not only is that wasteful, you’re not eating anything. And therefore, you are hungrier. This lunch could be your one solid meal for the day and you’re refusing it because you don’t get as much of your favorite junk food in the lunch?

You’re allowed seconds of certain parts of the menu. Why not take that option, instead of pitching it all down the chute?

The athletes who complain about not having enough protein and stuff—why not bring things from home to supplement the hot lunch at school? That’s not that difficult.


But no…throwing it all in the garbage is a perfect way to make your point. You’re sitting in class on an empty stomach now and complaining about lunch after having thrown it into an overflowing garbage pail.


Why the hell would this make sense?


Kids…JUST EAT IT. You’ll adjust to not having deep-fried everything in the middle of the day. And learn how to provide your own supplementation from home if it’s not enough.


DON’T point at the government, blame them for your hunger, and then complain about the food that you could still be eating.

Belarus admits air invasion by teddy bears: Quite possibly the cutest political message I’ve ever seen.

http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2012/07/belarus-leaders-admits-air-invasion-by-teddy-bears/1#.UBSd7Ls1hTI Free speech is something we take for granted in the US. So hearing about something like this gets me to thinking about how we have it here, and about how other nations have it. And specifically this…I’m not sure how they came up with this idea, but if their aim was to get the international community to squee with delight, I consider this a win.