Dear Building: AAAAGH

OK. The hell.

I’m burning up.

Decided to go easy with dinner. Just some broccoli. Maybe a hotlink. Nothing fancy. I’m burning up.

Get up to discover that the apartment is, in fact that yes, it is that damn hot.

Too hot to think. Call me when slow-moving clipper…er, clips.

To make up for missing Friday’s post, 100 Things AND LTTP LP both go up tomorrow, even if it means I have to go to Starbucks to do it.

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A series of mini-rant-updates:

Fitly Written:

Firstly: The next 100 Things post will be up sometime Friday evening. There is no guarantee that I will work that day, but there is no guarantee that I won’t either. In either case, there will be much work done with the upper body and I will need a GENEROUS nap before I do any writing. I didn’t work today, but I decided to work out today. *listens carefully* Ah, there’s the ever-present question:


Actually, thanks to my knee, it’s all I CAN do. I have the feeling that by the time June hits, I am going to be amusingly off-proportion.

Despite my crap leg, I have to try to stay in passable condition for working, and thus, I have to make sure I do a few things a week. Depending on how money is, this may include a few mall walks—I had the money to pay my rent and…that was it.


I was at work today picking up my scrawny little paycheck when I found out that there would be a Comic Con in my area in a very short time. It’s a little more than the usual price for Anime Central in Chicago, but the fact is that I might not be able to go for a reason completely irrelevant to money—my damn leg could sideline me before I get the chance to do anything else. In fact, not even the SIDEWALKS, at last check, were accessible worth a damn—I was gimpy as hell last year for the Distant Worlds event, and the steps were agony. If I’m lucky, the overflow will jam up the hotels to the point even our location’s full up.

(If you’re a con chaser, consider coming down/up—for one, Stan Lee’s gonna be at this one; for another, if you haven’t had St. Louis style pizza, you’ve GOTTA. The provel cheese may be a love-it-or-hate-it affair, but the crust—whoa, MAN, that buttery crispy thin crust is delicious.)

I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took a hotel to the knee

I’ll be perfectly honest with you guys: right now my pain is NOT managed. I’m out of the prescription I got at the initial injury, and the antispasmodic I take is nowhere near as effective as it used to be—which is to say it’s fine if I need to sleep, but it doesn’t do much beyond stopping the unrelated hand twitch (it MIGHT be related to the fact that it’s literally the same bottle as the last fill, stashed an squirreled away in case of such an emergency as this). …you probably have no idea how hard it is to type with one finger constantly going “twitchytwitchytwitch” every time you try and remember how the word pfefferneuse is spelled.

I’ve tried to climb stairs (HAHA NOPE) and the left knee just isn’t having it. For the first few hours of movement in the day, I’m pretty mobile, but it doesn’t take long for me to be reduced to dragging the thing around like some sort of dead weight—and the direction of the stairs, up versus down, makes no difference.

So my erratic presence is therefore explained. It’s going to be a while before I’m reliably present anywhere, as I focus on training my knee to stay in place while waiting to hear back from my doctors.

Best guess for acceptable management: Monday. Saturday at the earliest. I don’t have much in the way of painkillers—some off-brand Excedrin that may or may not be expired, a few borrowed naproxen tabs, a few prescription-strength ones whose potency and freshness are up for debate—I’m going to be pushing my luck here.

But hey, it could be worse. My leg hasn’t fallen off yet.

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100 Things #10: Learning Something New.

Note: I’ve tried to post this several times now, but every client I’ve used recently has freaked out every time. This time it should fly, though…aaaand I probably jinxed it.

I’m a sucker when something catches my interests. Like cooking exotic foods. I see it, I find it interesting, and then I go out of my way to see if I can learn how to do/make it, no matter what decides to jump in my way to stop me. For instance, learning how to make sushi. The fact that I live in a fairly rough area, black majority, was one of the first things that got in my way, but not in the way that you’d think.

No, the problem I had was with the area’s miniscule food vocabulary.

“What’s short-grain rice? That like Riceland?” “Rice pudding…what is that?” “You looking for TOFU? But—you ain’t Japanese…?” and my personal favorite: “But black people don’t eat that!”

At that last one, I literally laughed in the clerk’s face and went to the store’s branch three towns over.


I’m the same way with video games, whether it be an exploit or legit gameplay.

And I took the same approach when I did my first NaNoWriMo—I learned I CAN write something of a novel’s length. I also learned that you can’t rush that stuff…as it goes, I’m about to start the third part using this November as a springboard—which is where I learned that pacing is a tricky demon to corral, and also that the original plan for the project that I had is going to be MUCH trickier than I thought.

Good thing I bought Chuck Wendig’s latest book of stupid writer tricks. I know I can do this with the angel monkey on one shoulder and the devil monkey in the fridge making my coffee brew faster. (The devil monkey refuses to work without at least two cups of coffee in my system.)

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Attack Plans, Part II.

At the beginning of the month, I was fairly ambitious.

I’d discovered the glory that is Dropbox, and backed up my drafts.   I’d also just gotten my daily dose of gonzo writing tips from over at terribleminds, and so I was ready to go—two Nooks loaded with things to remember, a notebook full of other things.

Then Jeannie, my sweet computer, caught a nasty little infection of malware.  The probable culprits: sneaky flash imbeds that probably originated from deviantART (which has recently been updated and now is a bit buggy) and a malware removal tool that I got from CNET—and I wish I’d heard about the malware fiasco before it’d happened, or else this wouldn’t have happened.

It took a week to find the problem, another week to finish fixing it.  I’ve lost half the month to computer trouble.

Of course, that means that the plan is almost shot—or is it?

Finishing this revision by my birthday was the goal.  The deadline for redeeming my Createspace code is the end of June.  Of course, it won’t be totally done then, but this is aiming for a different milestone: a proof copy.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like having little rewards as I work—even if it’s something minimal, like getting a bag of gourmet chocolates after hitting the 25K word mark—

Wait, did I just call chocolate ‘minimal?’  Crud!  I’ve committed sacrilege!

Blasphemy aside, I have a winner code that entitles me to a few proof copies from Createspace.  Tangible goals help keep me focused, and what’s more tangible than an actual book in the hands?

But…before I can do that…

*hefts hammer*  You ready for this, Part I?

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Things never go as planned…

Last week I boasted of a grand attack plan for my manuscripts.  Everything was set up and all that had to be done was just starting things up.

Enter the computer malware assault from Hell.  Preliminary intel suggests the fourth circle as its origin.  The fix?

Today, I must nuke the OS from orbit and perform a full reinstall.

At least I know now why poor old Jeannie was behaving so oddly.

I just wish it hadn’t cost me a week.