So I just got shot.


This is my favorite jacket.

While walking back from the store with the girls, a car full of idiots with a high powered paintball gun opened fire on the sidewalk, getting us in the back and high shoulders.

I’m currently in the ER, as the impact kicked up what is usually a morning attack of neuropathy and it hasn’t walked off yet. I feel like I’m leaning on hot coals.

Came home to a handwritten note explaining this.


The mushy chunk of wall is being knocked down, so they can find the leak I’ve been reporting for the last two years and finally fix it. Unfortunately it could take months. But hey, they finally believed me.

…you’d think they’d get the hint at “mushy, pliant wall.”

Ok, this is getting old.


See this?

This is the hole that has been in my apartment for a little over a year. Today I got home to discover a small family of mice scuttling back out of here through it. They appear to be subsiding on the glue traps–the one I just pitched was fuzzy as fuck.

I’ve just replaced them with fresh ones, and put out bug baits on top of that. Now I’m looking for any kind of tape, because I am SICK of the building manager not repairing the hole despite my many times reporting that things can get in.